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Absolutely Aluminumâ„¢ Perfect Polish

Absolutely Aluminumâ„¢ Perfect Polish

Tried everything to shine that stubborn tarnished aluminum? Economy brand polishes may help, but they use harsh abrasives that leave scratches. Not on your ride! Absolutely Aluminium is the answer.

It works twice as fast as paste polishes and is easier to use, creates a mirror finish, is scratch-free, removes road film and restores tarnished aluminium. It’s safe to use on all metals, but is fine-tuned to be safe on soft aluminium. Get the most reflective shine (with no scratches!) possible from your aluminium.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

When your wheels are incredibly dull or tarnished, nothing will polish them up like Absolutely Aluminum. To bring them back to that “just out of the box look,” turn to Diamond Edge Wheel Dressing.

All our Perfect Polishes are ideal for removing overspray and oxidation off glass as well as for clearing up yellowed headlights.

Price shown is for the 8oz size bottle.

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