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Killer Chromeâ„¢ Perfect Polish

Killer Chromeâ„¢ Perfect Polish

If you’ve ever dealt with tarnished chrome, you know it’s ugly and hard to polish. Killer Chrome makes it easy. Chrome, aluminum, stainless and even brass, this stuff is Enthusiast Grade and can do it all.
Its non-abrasive chemical formula means you can use it repeatedly to remove surface rust and oxidation with no fear of damage to your chrome or metal, unlike abrasive metal cleaners that can lead to expensive re-plating.
It also works twice as fast as other polishes whether you apply it by hand or machine. Safely get rid of tarnish and get a killer mirror finish with Killer Chrome.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

When your bumpers or exhaust tips are incredibly dull and tarnished, nothing will polish them up like Killer Chrome. To bring them back to that “just off the production line look,” turn to Diamond Edge Metal Dressing.

All our Perfect Polishes are ideal for removing overspray and oxidation off glass as well as for clearing up yellowed head lights.

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