Project RX8 now offer a full rebuild service using genuine Mazda parts.

The new parts used are the following:

Apex seal X 6 (Uprated Goopy seals are available)
Apex seal spring short X 6
Apex seal spring long X 6
Side Seal X 12
Side Seal Spring X 12
Corner Seal Plug X 12
Water seal Inner X 2
Water seal outer X2
Ring Set “O” x 1
Set of through bolt seals
Set of dowel "O" rings
Eccentric shaft oil seal front x 1
Eccentric shaft oil seal rear x 1
Stationary Gear Bearings X 2
Rotor Bearings X 2

Racing Beat oil pellet mod

The cost of this rebuild is £2250 and assumes that no major engine parts are needed i.e. rotors, housings, irons, eccentric shaft etc.

If however your engine does need major parts then the cost will rise to £2600 using second hand parts which will be carefully selected.

These costs include an oil/filter change 750-1000 miles post rebuild.

We can also offer a bespoke service with mods including (but not limited to) porting, Rotary Revs uprated coils, lightened flywheel etc. P.O.A depending on spec

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