At Project RX8 we have the ability to program*(see below) your car to accept a new key. This is particularly important if you only have one key. Losing your only key will be very expensive compared to the cost of adding one. We can also clear**(see below) key numbers off the system so that a lost/stolen key couldn't be used to start the car.

If you have the older, separate key and fob we can upgrade you to a switchblade key.

Identifying your key/fob

Older cars will have standard keys like this. The left hand one is the normal key, the right hand one is a valet key which will only operate the door lock and ignition switch. The left hand key is black and the right hand one dark grey.

These type of keys should be accompanied by a separate fob:

Later cars come with this type of switchblade key:

These type of keys are essentially two parts. This picture shows where the model number is. For the fob part to work it must be a Visteon 41787 (4 button) or Visteon 41522 (3 button)

We can also supply new blank blades for the flip key head and even a complete new flip head. Click here

Occasionally we have a complete flip key for sale and these come complete with a new blank blade.

* I must stress these are not 'Cloned' keys but properly programmed.

** To clear old keys we must be able to program the car to accept TWO keys. If the two keys you already have are a cloned pair we won't be able to go ahead

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